Cannabis Industrial Uses

Cannabis is a flowering plant that has three putative varieties, cannabis indica, cannabis sativa and cannabis ruderalis. They are indigenous to South Asia and Central Asian. There are many cannabis industrial uses. Cannabis has been used for seed and seed oils, for medicinal purposes, for fiber known as hemp and as a recreational drug. Hemp is a definite variety of the cannabis sativa plant. It is a tall fibrous plant that is similar to flax. Companies have been benefiting from the different cannabis industrial uses. We take the hurds, the fiber and the seed and discuss uses derived from each part.

Cannabis Industrial Uses

Various parts of the cannabis plant are used for various Cannabis Industrial Uses:

The seed

The seeds are a source of nutritious food for both animals and humans. They yield hem seed oil which is used for soap, paints, varnishes and cosmetics.

Hemp oil is valued for its polyunsaturated fatty acids content. The seed contains the highest concentration of fatty acids in the entire plant kingdom. Mixed with Omega 3 and Omega 6, it is used to treat arthritis, premenstrual syndrome and neurodermatitis which are major ailments.

Cannabis Industrial Uses

The fiber

The durable fiber from the stalks is used in textiles, canvas, rope, cordage, clothing and building materials. The absorbency, strength and comfort of the hemp fiber are unmatched. Hemp rope and canvas was used on sailing ships because of its strength and resistance to salty water.

Hemp textiles are now views as alternative sources of cotton because hemp is environmentally friendly. Due to its absorbency and porosity, hemp fabrics take in dye very well; they are compatible with mineral and plant based dyes. Right now, everything is made from hemp and hemp blends; from diapers to bed sheets.

This fiber can also be used as a building material. It can be make it into insulation like the companies in Netherlands are. It can also be used to make engineered building materials like press board and fiberboard and make hemcrete which is a lighter and stronger version of concrete.

It is also being use in aerospace and aviation companies. This is because natural fibers have reduced toxic substances released when burnt compared to synthetic fibers. They are an alternative to glass reinforced and wood filled composites in automobiles and aeronautical planes. They deliver the exact performance only at lower weights and are much stronger. They have a non-brittle fracture upon impact, which is a critical requirement in the passenger’s compartments.

Cannabis Industrial Uses


These are the woody core parts of the stalks. They can be used as animal bedding, soil amendment and for absorption of oil.

During hemp processing, a lot of waste material is produced. This waste material is used as a by-product in the making of paper.

Hemp hurds are also a renewable source for raw material in the making of plastics. They are much cleaner and more environmentally attractive as compared to petroleum.

The hurds can be used as biomass for fuel production. Biomass fuels are economically competitive and do not add to global warming.

These are just some of the cannabis industrial uses. Discoveries are still finding many other ways that it can be used.

Cannabis Industrial Uses

As much as there are all these cannabis industrial uses, you cannot grow it without a permit. You have to be licensed for you to grow and harvest it. The difference is that growing it almost impossible because getting the permit from DEA is very hard.

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