What Are The Strongest Marijuana Strains Today?

What is the strongest weed?

Is it the kind that you instantly feel behind your eyes after a single hit? A while back, this was a purely subjective area. Nowadays, we are on a stronger footing when it comes to finding the strongest weed. There are a number of indicators on how strong a particular Marijuana strain is, the THC content being chief among them. But it still isn’t easy to pin point a single strain that can be considered to be “the strongest” of them all. This is because, there are many other things that determine how high a person can get. Things like the persons weight, mode of intake, THC tolerance and even how different cannabinoids interact with each other all play a role making it very hard to determine weed strength. This leaves the THC content as the closest we can ever come to determining the strongest Marijuana strains.

Strongest Marijuana Strains

Below are five of the dankest strongest marijuana strains based on their cannabinoid content and people’s experiences after using them:

White widow marijuana strain

This is definitely one of the most powerful cannabis strains in the world. The bud is covered with so many crystals that you get into a Christmas mood from simply looking at it. You can easily scrape of the trichomes using a knife and smoke the crystal doobie, which packs a very powerful punch. It is a good mix of indica and sativa genetics. The White widow marijuana strain has won the the High Times Cannabis cup more that any other strain.

WHITE WIDOW Strongest Marijuana Strains 3

Ghost OG

This strain produces rust colored buds that glisten in the sunlight. The buds have very little stems and leaves and have a very clean burn. The Ghost OG is a very uplifting Marijuana strain that will leave you functional, but very talkative. It is good for relieving lingering back pain but you can also use it to get revved up for along day.

Train wreck

Train wreck has one of the largest followings in the medical Marijuana community. The smell and taste, when done correctly makes it one of the favorites for many. Although it is a predominantly sativa strain with a high THC content, a few hits will leave flat on your well medicated back. Train wreck is definitely not for smoking if you plan to do anything else.

Strongest Marijuana Strains 2

Amnesia haze

This undoubtedly one of the most potent cannabis strains. It is a predominantly sativa strain with a little indica. It has a flowery or fruity smell with some spicy undertones making it very pleasing to smoke. Due to its predominantly sativa background, the high tends to be creative, euphoric and heady. Amnesia Haze is definitely one for smoking when you want to relax while doing something your like.


Herojuana genetics are predominantly indica and it has a potent, overpowering flavor. The genetics for this strain make for a great body high and is great for those who feel constant discomfort or suffer from chronic pain. You probably wont be able to do much after smoking this Herojuana strain, so get your favorite play list, sit back, relax and enjoy. From the list above, the white widow and herojuana seem to be the Strongest Marijuana Strains.

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